To Be Christened


Duration:  03:31 min. / DVD-loop

Format:  DV-PAL, sound, color


Inst. in space:

The body of the installation describes the space between the projector and the projection screen, it defines the volume of the projected light cone. The body also is the carrier of three cubes, which are composed on the outer side of the projectionscreen. These three cubes are in accordance to the three-times devided split screen in the video. The different spatial depth of them refer to the divers filmic time-levels which are one of the main themes in the video. But they also indicate the filmic room itself.        140 x 108 x 200 / wood construction


In the upper two split screens the video shows a “before“ and “after“ which refers to the filmic present and the filmic past. The in-between from the side of the story-telling is excluded. The invisible act is about the christening of the daughter of a friend of mine. These shots were taken during those days. Therefore the pictures can be seen as documentary material. The third split screen is showing a 180 degree panoramic shot from the chairs angel, it represents an un-locatable time space. In the second split screen, after two-thirds of the video appears a sequence out of the documentary movie À propos de Nice from Jean Vigo, released in 1930. This historical film material, combined with the left split screen wants to lift the video to a fourth filmic time, which is established by the two protagonists and their exchanging glanzes and positions of their bodies.


EXH view