Duration:  02:54 min.

Format:  DV-PAL, Color



W.J.T. Mitchells »Picture-Theory« is about the complexity of the interaction between visuality, attachment, institutions, discourse, figures […], about the post semiotic rediscovery of the picture. In this manner, the work of Alan Cicmak is based on his objects, installations and films – dealing with methods of construction within and beyond the picture. Principles of filmic presentation are linked to their technical conditions. The speed of the projection, the continuum of the film and the installation itself are becoming tools – elements of an advanced framework. For the “Demonstrationsraum“, Alan Cicmak is transferring the space into a structure, which is based on the filmic cadrage. Space is therefore presented and, at the same time, perceived inextricably. According to Roger Caillois, the condition can be seen as an doubled plane angle, which is uncovering the alteration of dimensions and positions.

Eva Maria Stadler